Tuesday, August 14, 2012

State Fair Fun is On the Way!

Free condoms, free buttons, and a whole lot of important information: it’s almost that time of year again, time for the great New York State Fair! Beginning on August 23rd, the fairgrounds (located in Syracuse, NY) will be filled with people from all walks of life enjoying the hundreds of attractions that the Fair has to offer. Of course, the attraction that should be on the top of your list is visiting the Planned Parenthood booth in the Center of Progress building. Let me tell you why. 

As a native of Syracuse, NY, I have been attending the Fair for as long as I can remember- Planned Parenthood themselves have been seen at the Fair for decades. Throughout those years my experience of the fair has transformed. The days of showing up with a group of hoodlum friends dressed in band tee-shirts and neon knee-socks have passed. And, I admit, it’s nice to no longer attend just to ride as many rides as I can with some boy I met at the homecoming game. As I have grown up, my vision of the Fair has grown up, but two things have stayed constant throughout time: eating as much Fair food as I possibly can, and always visiting the Planned Parenthood booth. Whether it was to get cool buttons for my L.L. Bean monogrammed backpack, or today, to pick up pamphlets and contact cards- and let’s be real, free condoms- the Planned Parenthood booth has always been a favorite of mine.

So, it’s fitting that during the last summer I will ever enjoy (after graduation, POOF there goes what’s known as a “real” summer vacation) I get to spend a few days working at the very booth I have come to know and love. I’ll be at the Planned Parenthood booth from 10AM to 4PM September 1st-3rd, and it’s overwhelming just thinking about the things I will encounter. It’s inevitable that I’ll feel a touch of nostalgia when people stop to pick up some free stuff, but I’m really looking forward to engaging in meaningful conversations with those who have had life-changing experiences thanks to the work of Planned Parenthood. I’m positive that there are many.

My dad, as well as many other adult figures in my life, always told me “you learn something new every day”. No matter what kind of information it is, you have more knowledge than you did the day before. Being informed and equipped with knowledge is the best way to assure that you are ready for anything that life throws your way. Visiting the Planned Parenthood booth at the New York State Fair has always acted as a great source of knowledge for me, and has had a great impact on my decision making skills. So please, come visit me this year as I have my own turn at spreading the knowledge Planned Parenthood has to offer!

Photo courtesy of www.nysfair.org

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