Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My internship at PPRSR

I am in panic-mode this week; fall classes at Nazareth start up Monday, August 27th. I cringe at the dreaded words “summer is over.” But friends, do you know what is worse than summer ending? (I know what you’re thinking- how could anything be worse that that?!) It gets worse. School starting up again means my time as an intern for the PPRSR marketing department has to come to an .

Let us have a brief moment of silence in remembrance of the beautiful memories made here at the PPRSR University Ave. building.

My experience as an intern here cannot- and dare I say will not- be replicated. Interning at PPRSR has solidified my allegiance to the work that Planned Parenthood does for the rest of my life. Not only is it what Planned Parenthood stands for, it’s the people I have met here and what they stand for. Never in my life, so far a short 21 years, have I met so many genuine, kind, hardworking people. I made friends here: real friends.

Speaking of “real,” today’s brief post is not all sad news and goodbyes. I get to still be actively involved in the young professionals group, REAL (Rising Educators Advocates and Leaders) for Planned Parenthood. REAL for Planned Parenthood is a board of young leaders throughout our Rochester and Syracuse communities devoted to getting more people involved in the Planned Parenthood mission. I am proud to be apart of this group’s Steering Committee and am thankful the end of my internship does not mean the end of my involvement with Planned Parenthood.

It’s been a life changing experience here at PPRSR. I know that I’ve not only gained skills for the work-world, but wisdom, too, for all of the other extraneous events life throws at us. I’ve learned that it’s important to know yourself, what you stand for and what you believe in. That said, as I continue to grow as a student and as a woman, I know I’ll bring the motto “it’s about health and safety” with me everywhere I go.

Marketing Intern 

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Kaitlin said...

Interning at PPRSR was one of the best experiences of my young adult life. I'm glad - but of course not surprised ;) - that it was an enriching and positive experience. REAL is so lucky to have you, too! Keep the fire alive, sistah.