Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Consider the Source

This is an essay written by Betty DeFazio which was recently submitted to the Post Standard in Syracuse, NY.

On October 11, 2010 Former President Bill Clinton told a Syracuse crowd they should “encourage friends…to think about the facts.” Although this is good to remember, it is equally important to consider the “source.”

For several weeks, an anti-choice group has been picketing in front of Planned Parenthood in Syracuse. That is really not new “news.” What is important, though, is the spread inaccurate information supported by supposed “facts” that are nothing more than distorted nonsense.

Myth #1: “Abortion Causes Breast Cancer” – The American Cancer Society, recognized as an authority on cancer, is unequivocal in their response to this myth. “Induced abortion is not linked to an increase in breast cancer risk.” Further, they clarify “"Early studies of the relationship between prior induced abortion and breast cancer risk were methodologically flawed. More rigorous recent studies demonstrate no causal relationship between induced abortion and a subsequent increase in breast cancer risk."

Myth #2: “Aborted embryos and fetuses are being used for stem-cell research.” This statement couldn’t be further from the truth! According to the National Institutes of Health, “…embryonic stem cells are derived from embryos that develop from eggs that have been fertilized in vitro —in an in vitro fertilization clinic—and then donated for research purposes with informed consent of the donors.” Just a few days ago, the first human study of stem cell research began with a patient who has a spinal cord injury. This research holds enormous hope for those who need treatment.

Myth #3: “Planned Parenthood targets African American women.” Sadly, the fact is African-American women are more likely to be uninsured or under-insured than white women and, as a result, they may lack resources to pay for needed care. For over 85 years, Planned Parenthood has been the provider women turn to. We will continue to trust every African-American woman who comes to Planned Parenthood to make an informed decision based on what she believes is best for her and her family.

Fact: Planned Parenthood works everyday with women from all walks of life to improve the quality of their health care and to help them protect their families through education, preventive care, birth control and life-saving screenings.

Next time you hear one of these myths, consider the facts – and the source.

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