Friday, June 12, 2009

Late Abortion Services Will Return to Kansas

Not long after the tragic murder of abortion provider Dr. George Tiller, his family announced that they had decided to not reopen his clinic. The decision is entirely understandable considering the horrifying circumstances, and the many years that they have personally dealt with anti-choice harassment, intimidation and violence. It was, however, also a major blow to abortion access, as Dr. Tiller's clinic was one of only a few dozen clinics that provided late abortions in the United States, and one of only three that provided abortions for health reasons and fetal anomaly that late.

Thankfully, however, a provider has since stepped forward to take Dr. Tiller's place, and ensure that women's access to dire medical care does not become more limited. Dr. LeRoy Carhart, who has provided abortions for over 20 years and was a friend of Dr. Tiller's, has announced that he will begin performing late abortions in Kansas:
A Nebraska doctor said Wednesday that he will perform third-term abortions in Kansas after the slaying of abortion provider George Tiller, but would not say whether he will open a new facility or offer the procedure at an existing practice.

Dr. LeRoy Carhart declined to discuss his plans in detail during a telephone interview with The Associated Press, but insisted "there will be a place in Kansas for the later second- and the medically indicated third-trimester patients very soon."

"I just think that until everything is in place, it's something that doesn't need to be talked about" in detail, Carhart said a day after Tiller's family announced his Wichita clinic was permanently shutting its doors.
Whatever Dr. Carhart's full plans for providing late abortion services in Kansas look like, there is no doubt that he has just stepped in to do a brave and necessary thing. Thank you, Dr. Carhart, for your dedication to women's health, belief in reproductive justice, and willingness to stand up where you are needed!

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KaeLyn said...

I love Dr. Carhart. He has been an amazingly courageous and fierce advocate during the whole "late-term abortion" media debacle following the death of Dr. Tiller. This gives me did Carhart's statement on Anderson Cooper last week.