Thursday, December 18, 2008

Your Beautiful Cervix

Warning: The images contained at the links below are graphic, Not Safe For Work and not for the faint of heart. Click with caution!

A doula and student midwife decided to take photographs of her cervix for a full menstrual cycle and posted them all on her blog My Beautiful Cervix. The results document the changes in cervical blood/fluids and cervix appearance. Quite simply, it's fascinating and empowering to women everywhere who are wondering what exactly is going on down there.

Men have the anatomical benefit of being able to just look down if they want to examine their genitals. Women, on the other hand, need mirrors and even medical instruments to get a really full view. Further, women are also more likely to be taught to be ashamed by their bodies and to not touch their genitals, often leaving them in the dark about what's happening with their own bodies. Sure, our vaginal fluids may seem a little gross, but when you realize all the things they're telling us (for women not on hormonal contraception), they're also pretty cool! Even more importantly, understanding the normal appearance of our genitals is vital to good sexual health and being able to recognize when there's a problem -- and since "normal" appearance is different for everyone, that's why you ought to be familiar with your own body.

Lastly, always remember to get regular pap smears. You can ask the doctor performing the exam to explain exactly what is going on, step-by-step. If you ask, they'll also often provide hand mirror (or bring your own!) so that you can see for yourself what your cervix and the rest of your vagina looks like. The results will be more private than posting photos on a blog, and even more informative!

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KaeLyn said...

What an incredible project. Looking at the cervix pictrues was a sincerely intimate and empowering experience. Thanks so much for sharing this blogger's work!