Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Thank an Abortion Provider

March 10th was the National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers. All month on our myspace page, PPRSR has been raising awareness about the important and brave work done by abortion providers.

Why say thanks? There are a lot of reasons, and you can read about them at our myspace blog -- from anti-choice violence to the persistent decline in the number of providers.

But here's the big one: because without abortion providers, there would be no "choice." The law is important, and legal battles are fought everyday. But none of it makes any difference if doctors are not willing to provide abortions to women who need them. Anti-choices know this, and that's why they often choose to target providers specifically for harassment or even violence. It's also why they use strategies designed to shut down clinics, prevent them from opening, or control them with ridiculous and discriminatory regulations. The tactics are ugly, but they make a lot of sense: without availability, the legality of abortion is a mere technicality. And women left without access would risk their lives on unsafe and illegal procedures.

So take a moment to say thanks to those abortion providers who stay above the fray and continue to provide compassionate, quality medical care to women. You can leave us a comment on this blog post, or email us at Your message can be long or short, generic or personal. All messages will be shared confidentially with our clinic staff.

You can also make a donation to PPRSR in honor of an abortion provider. Just click the badge below. And if you have friends who might also like to express their gratitude, make sure to pass this blog post along!

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Pizza Diavola said...

I posted here for Abortion Providers Appreciation Day, and will be making a donation--thanks for the link to PPRSR.