Sunday, August 2, 2009

Green Sex, Green Birth Control, Green Me, Green You.

Yeah, I just said that. I'm here, I'm saying stupid green phrases, and I'm rounding up all the info I can find from RH Reality Check, Huffington Post, Planet Green, and random blogs.

Apparently the "green" catch-phrase that has been EVERYWHERE for the past couple years has even made its way into our sex lives. While I for one cringe and get ready to throw fists of granola every time I hear someone utter "green" anything, I can totally support the ideology.

And yes, you can make your sex and your birth control green. But how? Well, the act of using birth control is a green sex choice on its own. By not adding an unplanned pregnancy to the overpopulated earth, you do not add more strain to the other.

Speaking of condoms, how do you green those up? Well, avoid condoms made with polyurethane, a plastic that does not break down. Also, did you know that you can buy vegan, fair-trade condoms? French Letter Condoms ( sells them on their website. Another good source for vegan condoms is Glyde ( Many people don't realize that often latex condoms are not vegan because there is an added milk enzyme.

If you want to be even more green than that, try an IUD. IUD's create barely any waste - a little implant that can last up to 10 years!

What are other ways to be green and sexy? Try out the crank operated vibrator at Use organic/all natural lubes. Shower together (saves water!.. I think).

Mainly, the idea here (as is so with any green whatever) is to reduce waste and decrease the potential strains you may cause for the earth.

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